Rusty & Curly Game: Shocking Secrets Revealed in Our Review!

What is Rusty & Curly?

Rusty & Curly is a captivating online slot game developed by Hacksaw Gaming. Set in the Wild West, this game features a humorous twist with two quirky characters, Rusty and Curly, along with their sidekicks Crispy and Chewy. The game operates on a 5-reel, 4-row layout with 14 paylines and offers a variety of features, including Almost Sticky Wild Posters and two unique bonus rounds: “Stick to the Plan!” and “Who Shot the Sheriff?” The game’s RTP stands at 96.29%, and it has medium volatility, making it appealing to both casual players and high rollers.

Positive Aspects of Rusty & Curly

  1. Engaging Theme: Rusty & Curly stands out with its humorous Wild West theme, providing a refreshing break from the more serious Western slots. The game features quirky characters and a fun storyline that adds depth to the overall experience.
  2. High-Quality Graphics: The game boasts vibrant, cartoonish visuals that are both appealing and well-crafted. The detailed graphics enhance the player’s immersion in the Wild West setting, making the game visually engaging.
  3. Exciting Bonus Rounds: Rusty & Curly features two unique bonus rounds, “Stick to the Plan!” and “Who Shot the Sheriff?”, which offer players additional ways to win and add excitement to the gameplay. These bonuses are designed to keep players engaged and provide substantial rewards.
  4. Almost Sticky Wild Posters: One of the standout features is the Almost Sticky Wild Posters, which remain on the reels during respins as long as they have hearts. This feature increases the chances of landing winning combinations and keeps the gameplay dynamic.
  5. Medium Volatility: The game’s medium volatility makes it suitable for a wide range of players. It offers a balanced gameplay experience that can appeal to both casual players and high rollers looking for consistent wins and occasional big payouts.
  6. High RTP: With an RTP of 96.29%, Rusty & Curly offers a higher than average return to players, making it a favorable option for those looking to maximize their potential winnings.
  7. Maximum Win Potential: Players can win up to 10,000 times their stake, providing significant potential for big wins. This high win potential is a major draw for players looking for substantial payouts.
  8. Variety of Betting Options: Rusty & Curly caters to both low-stake and high-stake players with a wide range of betting options, starting from £0.10 up to £100 per spin. This flexibility makes the game accessible to players with different budgets.
  9. Bonus Buy Options: For players who prefer to jump straight into the action, Rusty & Curly offers Bonus Buy options, allowing them to access the game’s exciting features directly. This option, although expensive, adds convenience and can enhance the gaming experience.
  10. Engaging Soundtrack: The game features a dramatic and atmospheric soundtrack typical of Western films, which helps to build the mood and enhance the overall immersive experience.
  11. Humorous Characters: The characters, Rusty and Curly, along with their sidekicks, bring a humorous element to the game. This lighthearted approach makes the game enjoyable and adds a unique twist to the typical Wild West theme.
  12. Collect and Payout Mechanic: The “Who Shot the Sheriff?” bonus round includes a collect and payout mechanic that adds layers to the gameplay. This feature is innovative and keeps players engaged by providing multiple phases of action.
  13. Heart and Multiplier Mechanics: The integration of hearts and multipliers into the Almost Sticky Wild Posters adds excitement to each spin. Players can enjoy increased multipliers up to 100x during bonus rounds, significantly boosting potential wins.
  14. Innovative Gameplay: Rusty & Curly introduces several innovative features that differentiate it from other slots. These features, such as the Almost Sticky Wild Posters and the multi-phase bonus rounds, keep the gameplay fresh and engaging.
  15. High Multiplier Potential: In the bonus rounds, multipliers can reach up to 100x, providing players with the opportunity for substantial payouts. This high multiplier potential adds to the excitement and appeal of the game.
  16. Frequent Respins: The Almost Sticky Wild Posters trigger respins as long as they have hearts, offering players more chances to win without additional spins. This feature enhances the game’s replay value.
  17. Attractive Interface: The user-friendly interface and visually appealing design make the game easy to navigate and enjoyable to play. The well-designed layout ensures that players can focus on the game without distractions.
  18. Regular Payouts: Despite its medium volatility, the game provides frequent small wins that keep players engaged and motivated. These regular payouts contribute to a satisfying gaming experience.
  19. Compatible Across Devices: Rusty & Curly is optimized for both desktop and mobile play, allowing players to enjoy the game on various devices without compromising on quality or performance.
  20. Trusted Developer: Hacksaw Gaming is known for creating high-quality games, and Rusty & Curly is no exception. The developer’s reputation for reliability and innovation adds credibility to the game.
  21. Fun Mechanics: The game’s mechanics, including the Almost Sticky Wild Posters and multi-phase bonus rounds, are both fun and engaging, offering a unique gaming experience.
  22. Generous Free Spins: The game offers multiple opportunities for free spins through its bonus rounds, enhancing the potential for big wins and keeping the gameplay exciting.
  23. Special Symbols: The inclusion of special symbols such as Wild Posters and FS Scatters adds depth to the game and increases the chances of triggering bonus features.
  24. User-Friendly: The game is easy to understand and play, making it accessible to both novice and experienced players. The straightforward mechanics ensure that players can quickly get into the action.
  25. Positive Reviews: Many players and reviewers praise the game for its features, design, and overall entertainment value. Positive feedback from the community adds to the game’s appeal.
  26. Detailed Paytable: The game provides a detailed paytable that clearly explains the payouts and mechanics, helping players understand the potential rewards and how to achieve them.
  27. Easy Bonus Triggers: The game’s bonuses are relatively easy to trigger, providing players with frequent opportunities to enjoy the additional features and potential big wins.
  28. Diverse Gameplay: Rusty & Curly offers a variety of ways to win, from regular paylines to unique bonus features, ensuring that the gameplay remains dynamic and interesting.
  29. Dynamic Features: The game’s features change frequently, keeping the gameplay fresh and preventing it from becoming monotonous. This dynamic nature enhances the overall player experience.
  30. Strong Community: The game has a loyal player base, which speaks to its quality and appeal. A strong community can enhance the gaming experience through shared tips, strategies, and experiences.
  31. Multiple Cycles in Bonus Rounds: The multi-phase nature of the “Who Shot the Sheriff?” bonus round provides layers of action and excitement, adding depth to the gameplay.
  32. Interactive Elements: Players engage more deeply with interactive features such as shooting multipliers and Almost Sticky Wild Posters, which add an element of skill to the game.
  33. No Download Required: The game can be played directly from the browser without the need for downloads, making it convenient and accessible to a wider audience.
  34. Quick Spin Option: The game includes a quick spin option, allowing players who prefer faster gameplay to enjoy the action at their desired pace.
  35. High Win Frequency: The game’s mechanics provide frequent small wins, maintaining player interest and engagement over longer sessions.
  36. Detailed Game Statistics: Players can track their performance and statistics easily, helping them to strategize and improve their gameplay.
  37. Free Demo Available: Players can try the game for free before committing real money, allowing them to familiarize themselves with the mechanics and features without financial risk.
  38. Immersive Experience: The combination of high-quality graphics, engaging sound effects, and innovative gameplay creates an immersive gaming experience that draws players into the world of Rusty & Curly.
  39. Reliable Payouts: The game is known for its consistent and reliable payouts, enhancing player trust and satisfaction.
  40. Entertaining Theme: The humorous take on the Wild West theme, combined with engaging gameplay mechanics, makes Rusty & Curly a hit with many players.

Negative Aspects of Rusty & Curly

  1. Expensive Bonus Buy: Some bonus buy options, like the “Who Shot the Sheriff?” bonus, can be quite costly, with prices reaching up to 300 times the base bet. This can deter players who are not willing to spend a significant amount upfront for the chance to trigger bonus features.
  2. Medium Volatility: The medium volatility might not appeal to players looking for either very high-risk, high-reward games or those who prefer very low-risk games. This balance can sometimes be less thrilling for both ends of the spectrum, as it doesn’t fully cater to either preference.
  3. Variable RTP: The RTP can vary depending on the operator, which might affect player trust. Players need to check the RTP of the game on their chosen platform, as it might be lower than the advertised 96.29%, potentially leading to lower returns than expected.
  4. Low Base Game Wins: Regular payouts in the base game are relatively low, which might not be satisfying for players who prefer more frequent, higher payouts outside of bonus rounds. This can make the base game feel less rewarding and more of a grind to get to the bonuses.
  5. Complex Features: Some players may find the numerous features overwhelming and difficult to understand, especially those new to online slots. The game’s mechanics, such as the multi-phase bonus rounds and Almost Sticky Wild Posters, require a learning curve that might not appeal to everyone.
  6. Limited Paylines: With only 14 fixed paylines, the game can feel restrictive compared to other slots that offer more ways to win. This limitation can reduce the excitement and variability in gameplay, making it less appealing to players who enjoy more dynamic slot experiences.
  7. Bonus Dependency: Significant wins are heavily reliant on triggering the bonus rounds, which can sometimes be difficult to achieve. This dependency can make the base game feel less engaging and might frustrate players who prefer to see substantial wins from regular spins.
  8. Not Suitable for All Budgets: While there is a wide range of betting options, the higher end might still not appeal to all players, particularly those on a tighter budget. The cost of high-stakes bets and the expense of buying bonuses can be prohibitive.
  9. Overly Cartoonish for Some: The lighthearted, cartoonish graphics may not appeal to all players, particularly those who prefer more realistic or serious themes. The game’s whimsical design might not resonate with everyone, especially those looking for a more immersive and serious Wild West experience.
  10. Repetitive Sound Effects: The repetitive nature of the sound effects, such as the constant clunking of reels and gunshot noises, can become annoying over long play sessions. This can detract from the overall enjoyment of the game and lead to players muting the sound.
  11. Limited Theme Appeal: The humorous Wild West theme may not attract all players, particularly those who prefer more traditional or serious slot themes. Some players might find the comedic approach less engaging or immersive.
  12. Payout Cap: The maximum win is capped at 10,000x the bet, which might be a limitation for high-rollers looking for even bigger potential wins. This cap can feel restrictive, especially for players accustomed to progressive jackpots or uncapped slots.
  13. Not Innovative Enough: Some players feel the features are similar to other Hacksaw Gaming titles, which might make the game feel less unique. The re-use of familiar mechanics can lead to a sense of déjà vu for long-time fans of the developer.
  14. Bonus Round Frequency: Bonuses are not triggered as frequently as some players would like, leading to potential frustration. This can make it feel like a long wait between exciting moments, reducing the overall pacing and thrill of the game.
  15. High Volatility for Bonuses: The bonus rounds can be highly volatile, meaning that they can either be very rewarding or result in no significant wins. This high risk can lead to disappointing outcomes if players don’t hit the high multipliers or win big.
  16. Inconsistent Wins: Wins can be sporadic, leading to periods of play with few or no wins. This inconsistency can be frustrating, especially during longer sessions where players might feel they are not being rewarded for their time and effort.
  17. Limited Bonus Buy Availability: The Bonus Buy feature is not available in all regions, which can be disappointing for players who prefer this option. Regulatory restrictions can prevent players from accessing this convenient feature.
  18. Bonus Buy RTP Variance: Different RTPs for bonus buys can be confusing, requiring players to understand how each option affects their potential returns. This variance adds complexity and can lead to dissatisfaction if the expected returns don’t match the actual gameplay.
  19. Character Design: Some players may not like the quirky character designs, finding them too silly or unappealing. The exaggerated, cartoonish style might not suit everyone’s taste, especially those who prefer more realistic character depictions.
  20. Limited Free Spins: The number of free spins offered in the bonus rounds is relatively low, which might not satisfy players looking for longer bonus rounds. The short duration of free spins can lead to quick playthroughs and less overall excitement.
  21. High Variance in Wins: Payouts can vary greatly, leading to potential disappointment if the expected returns are not met. This high variance can make it difficult for players to gauge the profitability of their gaming sessions.
  22. Lack of Progressive Jackpot: The game does not feature a progressive jackpot, which might be a downside for players who enjoy chasing large, cumulative prizes. The absence of this feature can make the game less attractive to jackpot hunters.
  23. Same Background: The game background does not change, which can become monotonous after extended play. A static background can reduce visual interest and immersion over time.
  24. Limited Bet Range: Despite a wide range of betting options, the bet range might still not cater to all player preferences. Players looking for extremely high or extremely low bets might find the options insufficient.
  25. Bonus Trigger Difficulty: Bonuses can be challenging to trigger without using the Bonus Buy feature, which can be frustrating for some players. This difficulty can lead to extended periods of base game play without accessing the more exciting bonus features.
  26. Short Bonus Rounds: Bonus rounds can feel too short, leaving players wanting more extended gameplay. The brief duration of bonuses might not provide enough opportunity for significant wins or engagement.
  27. Not Realistic: The cartoonish style may not appeal to fans of more realistic slots, who might find the theme too childish. The exaggerated graphics and humor might not resonate with players seeking a more authentic Wild West experience.
  28. Confusing Multiplier System: The multiplier system in bonuses can be confusing for some players, requiring careful attention to understand how it affects wins. This complexity can detract from the enjoyment of the game if players struggle to grasp the mechanics.
  29. Slow Loading Times: Some players report slow loading times, which can interrupt the gaming experience. Technical delays can be frustrating and lead to impatience or reduced engagement.
  30. No Auto-Play Option: Lacks an auto-play feature for convenience, which is a popular feature in many other slots. The absence of auto-play can be inconvenient for players who prefer a hands-off approach.
  31. Repetitive Gameplay: Gameplay can feel repetitive after a while, potentially reducing long-term interest in the game. The lack of variety in the base game can make it feel monotonous over time.
  32. Small Wins in Base Game: Base game wins are generally small, which might not be satisfying for players looking for more substantial payouts. The low-value rewards can make the base game less exciting.
  33. High Cost of High Bet: Betting the maximum can be very expensive, limiting this option to only those willing to take higher risks. The high cost can be prohibitive for casual or budget-conscious players.
  34. Technical Glitches: Some players report occasional technical issues, such as game crashes or lag, which can be frustrating. Technical problems can disrupt the gaming experience and lead to dissatisfaction.
  35. No Jackpot Feature: Lacks a progressive or fixed jackpot, which might be a downside for players who enjoy this feature. The absence of a jackpot can make the game less appealing to those seeking large, life-changing wins.
  36. Inconsistent Theme Execution: The theme execution can feel inconsistent at times, with some elements not fully aligning with the Wild West setting. This inconsistency can detract from the overall immersion and cohesiveness of the game.
  37. Bonus Buy Risks: Buying bonuses can lead to significant losses, especially if the bonuses do not result in substantial wins. The high cost and risk associated with bonus buys can be a deterrent for some players.
  38. Limited High-Stake Appeal: May not appeal to high-stake gamblers due to the medium volatility and capped winnings. High-rollers might find the game’s payout structure less attractive.
  39. Overly Simplistic: Some players find the gameplay too simplistic, lacking the complexity and depth they prefer in slot games. The straightforward mechanics might not provide enough challenge or variety.
  40. Not Suitable for Beginners: The complexity of the features may not be beginner-friendly, potentially overwhelming new players. The game’s advanced mechanics and numerous features might be daunting for those new to online slots.

How Do the Almost Sticky Wild Posters Work in Rusty & Curly?

The Almost Sticky Wild Posters in Rusty & Curly are a unique feature that adds excitement and increased winning potential to the game. These Wild Posters can land with multipliers, hearts, or both. Here’s how they work:

  1. Hearts Mechanism: Each Wild Poster can have up to three hearts. As long as at least one heart remains, the Wild Poster stays on the reels. A heart is lost with each respin, and when no hearts remain, the Wild Poster is removed on the next respin.
  2. Multiplier Feature: Wild Posters can also come with multipliers ranging from 2x to 10x in the base game. These multipliers significantly boost the potential payouts by multiplying the win amount by the indicated value.
  3. Respins: The presence of hearts on the Wild Posters triggers respins. This means players can enjoy multiple spins without placing additional bets, increasing their chances of landing winning combinations.
  4. Enhanced During Bonuses: In the Stick to the Plan! bonus round, the Wild Posters have an increased chance of landing with more hearts and higher multipliers, up to 100x, further enhancing their value and the player’s potential winnings.

What Makes the Stick to the Plan! Bonus Unique?

The Stick to the Plan! bonus in Rusty & Curly stands out for several reasons:

  1. Trigger Mechanism: This bonus is activated by landing three FS scatter symbols in the base game. Upon activation, players are awarded six free spins.
  2. Enhanced Wild Posters: During this bonus round, Wild Posters are more likely to land with a greater number of hearts and larger multipliers. The multipliers can range from 2x to 100x, offering a much higher potential payout than in the base game.
  3. Free Respins: As long as there is at least one Wild Poster on the reels with one or more hearts, players receive respins that do not count towards the awarded free spins. This feature can extend the duration of the bonus round and increase the chances of hitting significant wins.
  4. No Additional Scatters: Unlike other bonus features, FS scatter symbols do not land during the Stick to the Plan! bonus, focusing the gameplay entirely on maximizing the value of the Wild Posters and their multipliers.

Why is the Who Shot the Sheriff? Bonus So Exciting?

The Who Shot the Sheriff? bonus is a highlight of Rusty & Curly, offering a multi-layered and thrilling gameplay experience:

  1. Activation: This bonus is triggered by landing four FS scatter symbols in the base game, awarding players 12 free spins divided into three cycles. Each cycle includes one Collect Phase spin and three Payout Phase spins.
  2. Collect Phase: During the Collect Phase, Rusty, Curly, or both can land on the reels and expand to cover entire reels as Wild Reels. They shoot at multipliers on the grid, which can range from 1x to 200x. The total value of the multipliers they hit is added to the Wild Reel for the Payout Phase.
  3. Payout Phase: In this phase, the Wild Reels with collected multipliers remain sticky for three spins. Regular symbols can land, and any Crispy and Chewy symbols that appear will also expand to Wild Reels but without multipliers and stickiness.
  4. Extended Cycles: Landing three FS symbols during this bonus awards one extra cycle, while landing four FS symbols awards two extra cycles. This can extend the bonus round significantly, increasing the potential for substantial wins.
  5. High Variability and Rewards: The variability and high potential multipliers make this bonus round particularly exciting, offering players the chance to achieve massive payouts, especially if Rusty and Curly manage to shoot high-value multipliers.


Rusty & Curly by Hacksaw Gaming is a highly engaging and entertaining online slot game that brings a humorous twist to the Wild West theme. With its unique features like Almost Sticky Wild Posters, the Stick to the Plan! bonus, and the Who Shot the Sheriff? bonus, it offers a dynamic and rewarding gaming experience. While the game has its complexities and costs, particularly with the bonus buy options and medium volatility, it also provides high potential payouts and engaging gameplay that can appeal to a wide range of players. Whether you’re a casual player or a high roller, Rusty & Curly offers a fun and potentially lucrative adventure in the Wild West.

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