Geolocation Issues at Online Casino Sites: Ways to Fix Them

Geolocation issues at online casino sites can be bypassed using foolproof methods to bypass geolocation on Internet casinos. But, first of all, let’s look at all these problems in detail, find out the reasons for their occurrence and methods to circumvent them.

You ask: “Is it possible to rim them?”, I will answer: “Yes!”

Let’s put it this way – about 60% of countries in the world have laws regulating gambling. The main reason for the introduction of geolocation technology into the gambling industry is precisely these laws. But we people always find a way out.

For example: About 41% of people in the US and UK use a VPN at least once a week for a variety of purposes, including logging into online casino sites.

Pie chart of VPN usage frequency in the US and UK, 2023.
VPN usage frequency in the US and UK (2023).

Do you think they block 41% of their players? Of course not! Here’s the proof.

Friends, here is a summary of online casino revenues in the US and UK for 2023 compared to 2022:

Region                Total Revenue 2023 Key Statistics and Trends
United StatesOver $6 billionRecord monthly revenue of $590 million in December. Key states like Michigan, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania driving growth. 22.9% increase from 2022
United KingdomOver £5.4 billionStrong market growth with a CAGR of 6.7% expected through to 2027. Mobile and VR/AR technologies being integrated into platforms. Regulatory changes and enhanced player protection measures in place

It is no secret that problems with geolocation on online casino sites can, in many cases, be solved. In this blog you will find comprehensive guide to bypassing blocks at international casino sites. Let’s start!

What Are Geolocation Technologies and Why Do Online Casinos Use Them?

So, geolocation technologies are methods and means that determine the actual location of the player. As I noted at the beginning, online casinos use these technologies to comply with legal and licensing requirements by making sure that users are located in regions where gambling is legal.

On the other hand, these technologies help prevent fraud and ensure transparency in the game.

Probably many of you are thinking: “Isn’t it possible without this?” Online casino sites in many countries are simply forced to use these technologies. Why? I’ll promise…

Why is geolocation necessary for online gambling?

Geolocation is necessary for online gambling in order to exclude players from countries or regions where gambling is prohibited. This is a key element for compliance with regulatory requirements and avoiding legal risks.

In addition, it allows you to provide specific offers and bonuses, depending on the territory.

For example: when a player from Ukraine visits the website of an online casino in Canada, the player is offered bonuses in UAH. And when a player from Turkey visits the same site, the player is offered bonuses in TL.

But, unfortunately, these technologies sometimes fail, and as a result, create some problems for players.

What challenges do players face due to strict geolocation measures?

It’s no secret that due to strict geolocation measures, some online casino users experience some problems, such as deprivation of bonuses and promotions, temporary blocking, and sometimes complete blocking. As I said before, geolocation technologies sometimes incorrectly determine the actual location of the user. And these location errors can result in your inability to access games or participate in tournaments.

For example: a significant number of players – up to 10% in different regions – are reporting problems with these systems incorrectly detecting their location.

Geolocation issues at online casino sites are not only frustrating, but can also impact your gaming experience.

How Can VPN Blocks Affect Your Online Casino Experience?

VPN blocks can affect your experience at online casinos by limiting access to games or affecting their functionality. This whole headache begins from the moment the online casino site detects VPN connections.

What happens when a VPN is detected by an online casino?

If a VPN connection is detected, the user’s account may be temporarily blocked or excluded from some games, which prevents the possibility of betting or participating in promotions. And to be more precise:

  1. Account blocking: Many online casinos prohibit the use of VPN to access their services. Therefore, when a VPN connection is detected, the site blocks the user’s account.
  2. Voiding Winnings: If a player uses a VPN to bypass geo-restrictions and wins games, the online casino may void all winnings and refund bets as using a VPN violates their terms of service.
  3. Identity verification: In case of suspicion of using a VPN, the casino may require additional documents to confirm the player’s identity and location.
  4. Technical measures: Some casinos use specialized software to detect and block VPN connections. This may result in access to games being limited or blocked entirely.
  5. Warnings: And, in some cases, when the use of a VPN is first detected, the casino may limit itself to warning the player and asking him to turn off the VPN to continue playing.
  6. Complete VPN blocking. Some online casinos simply won’t load when using a VPN. A striking example of such casinos is the New Jersey online casino.

Blocking a player by a casino site is based on certain principles. Let’s look at them…

Why do New Jersey online casino sites block VPNs, and how can you bypass this?

New Jersey online casino sites block VPNs because New Jersey state laws require all online casino players to be within the state while playing. But there are also ways to get around them or solve these problems. Now I will tell you everything in detail how to handle geolocation failures when gambling online.

When it comes to banning the use of VPNs, the New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement (DGE) strictly enforces this, using geolocation technology to confirm the location of each user. In 2019 alone, the DGE reported that about 5% of all login attempts to casino sites using a VPN were blocked.

Now, let’s look at fix VPN block on New Jersey online casino sites. For those who encounter problems related to geolocation, I offer the following solutions:

  1. For those who are located in New Jersey and are faced with a problem related to geolocation failures:
  2. Use reputable providers such as Verizon or Comcast.
  3. Enable geolocation on your device.
  4. Reboot devices.
  5. Clear data cache.
  6. You’re probably asking, “What should I do if I’m not in New Jersey? For you, I have selected high-quality VPN services that provide techniques for hiding your real location on gambling sites:
  7. NordVPN
  8. ExpressVPN
  9. CyberGhost
  10. Surfshark
  11. Private Internet Access (PIA)

Now you know how to change your online gambling location without detection.

By the way, in this section I touched on the topic of geolocation failures. It is impossible to cover this topic in a nutshell. Let’s take a closer look…

Why Is Your Geolocation Incorrectly Mapped, and How Can You Fix It?

As usual, geolocation is displayed incorrectly due to a poor connection, due to IP data and the simplest solutions for this can be rebooting the device or clearing the data cache.

What to do if your geolocation is incorrectly mapped in online betting or online casino sites? But, since you are interested in this question? I’m not lazy and I’ll tell you everything.

How does incorrect geolocation mapping impact your online gaming?

Incorrect geolocation display can affect your online games in the following ways:

  • Account blocking.
  • Cancellation of winnings.
  • Cancellation of bonuses.
  • Delay in payments.

Are there any solutions or actions to eliminate these errors? Of course there is!

What are the steps to resolve on mobile platforms?

To resolve geolocation errors on mobile devices, it is recommended to update your privacy and location settings, and use apps to check GPS accuracy. Companies like Google and Apple that provide GPS calibration tools that will help you in resolving location errors for seamless online casino gaming.

It is also important to ensure that the maps and location services you use are updated to the latest version, which will minimize potential location errors.

By the way, geolocation issues at online casino sites also occur in Nevada. I suggest we discuss this in detail.

What Are the Common Geolocation Errors on Gambling Apps in Nevada?

What specific geolocation issues do users encounter in Nevada gambling apps?

Gaming app users in Nevada, as elsewhere, experience geolocation errors due to legal and technological restrictions. Nevada also faces problems with geolocation due to difficulties with network coverage in remote areas.

For example, in areas near state lines such as Lake Tahoe, errors may occur that exclude legitimate users from participating in gambling.

Such situations not only create inconvenience for players, but can also result in decreased revenue for casino operators, highlighting the need for improved geolocation technologies.

But don’t be upset. I would like to introduce you to solutions for geolocation error on Nevada gambling apps.

How can you troubleshoot and fix these geolocation errors effectively?

For Nevada gambling app users who are experiencing geolocation errors, there are several specific resolve geolocation not working on mobile casino platforms:

1. Software and operating system update.

2. Use a stable Wi-Fi connection.

3. Disable VPN and other tools to bypass geo-blocking.

4. Manually check application permissions.

5. Reboot the device.

6. Contact with customer support.

In general, issues related to geolocation are relevant not only for individual US states. For example, UK online casino sites are also popular all over the world. But, unfortunately, similar problems also occur there. I’ll tell you more…

How to Play on UK Online Casinos from Blocked Countries?

If you are wondering – how to play on UK online casinos from blocked countries, then I have the answers for you:

  1. Use advanced VPN settings.
  2. Use proxy servers.

And that’s certainly not all. Before talking about ways to circumvent prohibitions, you need to find out the reasons for these prohibitions.

Why are certain countries blocked from UK online casinos?

Access to UK online casinos may be blocked in some countries for three reasons:

  1. Legislative restrictions;
  2. Licensing and regulation;
  3. Protection of cultural and religious norms.

Legal restrictions: Some countries have strict laws regulating online gambling. In these countries, governments restrict access to foreign online casinos to protect their national and licensed operators, as well as to prevent money laundering and other illegal activities.

For example: USA, France

Licensing and Regulation: The UK has one of the strictest licensing systems for online casinos through the UK Gambling Commission. This commission requires operators to maintain high standards of safety and integrity. Countries wishing to control gambling within their borders may block access to casinos that do not meet their own standards or do not have a local license.

Protection of cultural and religious norms: In countries with predominantly Muslim populations, all forms of gambling are prohibited by religious norms. In these countries, access to online casinos is blocked to comply with religious and cultural prohibitions.

For example: Iran and Saudi Arabia.

I think it is normal for each country to have its own approaches and reasons for regulating or blocking access to online casinos, and these measures are often determined by a complex of social, economic and political factors.

What methods can you use to successfully access UK online casinos from these countries?

To successfully access UK online casinos from these countries, methods can be used for avoiding geolocation detection with advanced VPN settings.

Here are some ways to addressing geolocation issues on UK sports betting sites and online casino sites:

  1. VPN (Virtual Private Network): VPN allows users to connect to the Internet through a server located in another country, which can help bypass geographic restrictions.

For example: NordVPN, ExpressVPN. By the way, these VPN services are not only valid for the UK. I can confidently say that these are the best geolocation tools for accessing online casinos in Asia.

  • Proxy Servers: Use proxy servers to access European online casinos from abroad is considered one of the best methods. Similar to VPNs, proxy servers allow you to hide your real location and make it appear as if you are in another country.

For example: HTTP proxies, HTTPS proxies, SOCKS proxies, Transparent proxies, Anonymous proxies, Highly anonymous (elite) proxies.

  • Use of cryptocurrencies: This method is also suitable for overcoming geolocation restrictions on France online gambling sites. Some online casinos accept cryptocurrencies, which can help bypass some financial restrictions since cryptocurrencies are less regulated and may not be monitored by government authorities.

However, it is worth remembering that using such methods to access online casinos may violate the laws of your country. More precisely, by playing gambling you can violate the laws of your country or the laws of the country in which you are temporarily located.

By the way, these bypass methods are also valid for US online casino sites. Let’s look together at techniques to bypass IP restrictions on US online casinos. You might find it interesting.

What Techniques Help Bypass IP Restrictions on US Online Casinos?

Various technical methods may be used to bypass IP restrictions at online casinos in the United States.

For example:

Type  DescriptionAdvantagesFlawsExamples
VPN (Virtual Private Network)  VPN creates an encrypted tunnel between the user’s device and the VPN server by replacing the user’s IP address with the VPN server’s IP address.High level of anonymity and security, data encryption.Online casinos may block IP addresses of well-known VPN providers.NordVPN or ExpressVPN
Proxy servers  A proxy acts as an intermediary between the user’s computer and the Internet, allowing you to anonymize traffic and hide the real IP address.Ease of use, accessibility. Can be used to easily bypass geographic restrictions.Lower level of security compared to VPN, does not encrypt all traffic.HideMyAss

How do IP restrictions impact players on US online casinos?

IP restrictions affect US online casino players in several key ways:

  1. Gaming Access: In the US, gambling is regulated at the state level, which means that each state sets its own rules regarding online casinos.
  2. Legal Compliance: IP restrictions help online casino operators comply with laws.

For example: New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Nevada allow certain forms of online gambling.

  • Variety of Game Content: Depending on legal restrictions in certain regions, available games may vary.

For example: some online slots or table games may not be available in certain states due to local licensing and regulatory laws.

  • Financial Transactions: IP restrictions also affect deposit and withdrawal methods. In areas where gambling is legal, casino operators offer a variety of deposit and withdrawal options that may be limited or not available in other states.
  • Advertising and Marketing: Online casino operators also use IP restrictions to target advertising campaigns. Gambling advertisements will only be shown to users from regions where these games are allowed.

Friends, I understand that these restrictions and regulations create a difficult environment for players and operators. But anyone who wishes to participate in online gambling in the United States must be well aware of and comply with their state’s laws.

Let’s also look at effective ways to circumvent geolocation at licensed betting sites and online casinos in the USA.

What are proven techniques to bypass these restrictions without detection?

Although many US online casinos use various methods to detect the exact geolocation of a player, there are still strategies to override geolocation restrictions in online betting and online casino sites:

  1. VPN (Virtual Private Network): A VPN allows you to create a secure connection between your device and the Internet by changing your IP address to that of a server in a different location. This can help hide your real location. It is important to choose a reliable VPN provider that does not store activity logs.
  2. Proxy Servers: A proxy server acts as an intermediary between your device and the casino website. While this may help change your IP address, proxies typically do not encrypt your traffic, making them less secure than VPNs.
  3. Smart DNS: This method redirects some of your traffic through a special DNS server, fooling casino sites about your location. Smart DNS can be faster than a VPN because it doesn’t encrypt all traffic, but it is also less secure.
  4. Tor Browser: Tor allows you to anonymize your online activity and change your IP address, but using it to access online casinos can be inconvenient due to slow connection speeds.

Friends, before using any of these methods, it is important to carefully consider the potential risks and make sure that you are not breaking any laws. Because, these actions may be considered illegal in your country.

If we are talking about online casinos, then Canada’s place in this industry is special. So, I want to touch on the topic of geolocation issues at online casino sites in Canada.

How to Configure VPNs for Reliable Access to Canadian Online Casinos?

More specifically, then to set up a VPN to access Canadian online casinos, choose a reliable VPN provider with servers in Canada and connect to one of the Canadian servers. Once connected, check your IP address to make sure it matches the Canadian one and you are ready to start playing at the online casino.

I think we need to take a closer look at this topic about configure VPN for reliable access to Canadian online casinos. Let’s start with a question about the purpose of using a VPN in Canadian online casinos.

Why do you need a VPN to access some Canadian online casinos?

Friends, gambling is legal in Canada, but access to some sites is limited outside the country due to licensing agreements. But this does not mean that you will not be able to enjoy games at Canadian online casinos. A VPN can help provide access to these resources while keeping user data anonymous and secure.

But that’s not all. I’ll tell you which VPN services are best to use and how to configure them. As you already know, slot games in Canadian online casinos attract many players. These VPN settings will be a great way to ensuring access to restricted slot games through geolocation spoofing.

What are the best practices for setting up a VPN to ensure reliable access?

So, setting up a VPN to securely access Canadian online casinos is a great way to keep your gaming activity safe and anonymous, as well as access games that may not be available in your region.

Here are the steps to fake your location on mobile gambling applications and online casinos in Canada:

1Choose a VPN ProviderChoose a reliable VPN providerChoose a reliable VPN provider that is known for its ability to provide a stable and fast connection. Examples: ExpressVPN, NordVPN, or CyberGhost.
2Install VPN SoftwareDownload and install the VPN softwareAfter choosing a provider, download and install the VPN software on your device. Most providers offer apps for a variety of platforms, including Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, and browser extensions.
3Connect to a server in CanadaLaunch the VPN app and select a server in CanadaLaunch the VPN app and select a server in Canada.
4Check IP AddressesVerify your IP addressAfter connecting to the Canadian server, make sure your IP address has changed. This can be done using services like
5Set up security and privacyConfigure VPN security settingsEnsure your VPN provides sufficient encryption and security. Use settings that prevent DNS and IP leaks. Most reputable VPNs offer features such as a kill switch that protect your data if the VPN connection suddenly drops.
6Start playingEnjoy your gaming experienceOnce everything is set up, you can start playing.

I am 100% sure that all these methods will help you get rid of geolocation issues at online casino sites.

As soon as possible, I want to share with you about how to deal with IP ban at top USA online casinos.

How to Deal with an IP Ban at Top USA Online Casinos?

What leads to an IP ban, and how does it affect your gambling activities?

To deal with IP blocking at the best online casinos in the USA, I recommend that you use advanced VPN services. For example: ExpressVPN, NordVPN, CyberGhost. As for the reasons for blocking, then keep in mind that online casinos in the US actively block IP addresses that are suspected of using a VPN or proxy to bypass geo-restrictions.

This is part of a policy to comply with regulatory agencies such as the Nevada Gaming Control Board and the New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement, which require casinos to verify the physical presence of players in their respective jurisdictions. Blocking by IP can lead to temporary or permanent account closure, loss of finances and access to games.

This all seriously affects the player’s ability to participate in online gambling and can lead to a loss of trust in the platform.

How can you circumvent an IP ban and regain access to your favorite casino sites?

This part of this blog is intended for those players for whom there is an IP ban. If you have such a situation, then to bypass the IP ban and restore access to your favorite online casinos, you can use several approaches:

  1. Use a VPN.
  2. Use proxy servers.
  3. Use mobile data.
  4. Tor – browser.
  5. Change network equipment.

And don’t forget, when choosing a method, it is important to consider both your level of technical preparedness and the specific requirements and restrictions of the online casino in order to avoid violating their terms of service.

I think we managed to discuss a lot of things. It’s time to take stock.


Recap of the solutions provided for overcoming geolocation restrictions.

In conclusion, I present to your attention a summary of the solutions provided to overcome geolocation restrictions in online casinos:

  1. Using a VPN:
  2. Benefits: Provides access to casinos in countries where gaming is legal, while hiding your real location.
  3. Examples: ExpressVPN, NordVPN, and CyberGhost are reliable VPN services with servers around the world.

I’ll tell you a secret: ExpressVPN and NordVPN are also suitable for bypassing regional locks at German online casinos.

  • Proxy servers:
  • Benefits: Changes your IP address, allowing you to bypass geo-restrictions.
  • Examples: Using SOCKS or HTTP proxy to change IP address and access blocked sites.
  • Mobile data:
  • Benefits: Sometimes changing your network from Wi-Fi to mobile data can help change your IP address and bypass geolocation blocks.
  • Tor browser:
  • Benefits: Provides anonymity and helps bypass blocks by routing traffic through the Tor network.
  • Disadvantages: Connection speeds may be slower, making it less ideal for video streaming or gaming with high connection speed requirements.
  • Changing network equipment:
  • Benefits: Sometimes changing your router or modem can result in a change in IP address if the previous IP was blocked.

I am confident that these methods help users bypass geolocation-based restrictions and access online casinos from anywhere in the world.

Encouragement to gamble responsibly while using geolocation bypass techniques.

I also feel obliged to emphasize that while bypassing geolocation restrictions may seem like an attractive solution to accessing online casinos, players should always remember to comply with gaming rules and laws. Regulatory bodies such as the UK Gambling Commission and Malta Gaming Authority strictly enforce the rules, and violations can lead to serious consequences.

Additionally, the severity of the legal consequences for doing so differs from country to country. But if, despite this, you are still interested in bypassing these restrictions, then read my other article. In that article, I prepared an entire insider’s guide to using a VPN to access restricted online casino play from restricted countries. I am 100% sure that you will like it.

Responsible gaming not only protects you from possible legal problems, but also promotes a healthy gaming environment. It is important to use the available tools wisely and within the law to ensure a safe and enjoyable gaming experience.

I really hope that my blog will help you in troubleshooting geolocation issues in live dealer games online.

Use my tips to access your favorite gaming platforms safely and responsibly. Start by choosing a reliable VPN provider, check your geolocation settings and dive into the world of gambling with confidence and security. Remember that responsible gaming is the key to a satisfying gaming experience. Click the button below to learn more about online casino best practices and techniques., your premier destination for honest and comprehensive game reviews in Canada. Our mission is to provide unbiased and thorough evaluations of all types of games, including casino, slot, PS5, and PC games. We pride ourselves on highlighting both the positive and negative aspects of each game, ensuring our readers make informed decisions. At, we do not accept payments for reviews, maintaining our commitment to transparency and trustworthiness. Join us as we explore the gaming world and keep you updated on the latest trends and game quality.

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